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Ren & Stimpy - The Complete First and Second Seasons (3 DVD) (Ren Hoek (voice)) John Kricfalusi инфо 2646a.

От издателя Collector's Edition Box Set You eediot! You pushed theiHistory Eraser Button! Perfect! Now you're able to go back and experience the complete first and second seasons of The Ren and Stimpy Show асципin the way John K always wanted you to see them - unaltered, uncut, and untamed! All 32 cartoons are here, in their original airing order, slapping a twisted entertainment! Revisit the wonderfully warped world of Magic Nose Goblin s and Rubber Nipples, and hwarf to alбвъзгl-new thrills, including the "banned" episode "Man's Best Friend," the long-awaited George Liquor, the once-censored "Sven Hoek," and more! What are you waiting for, you eediot? This is The Ren And Stimpy joy you were always meant to enjoy! Режиссеры: Питер Аванзино Боб Кэмп Том Макграт Продюсеры: Джим Бэллэтин Боб Кэмп Джон Крикфалуси Творческий коллектив Дополнительные материалы The "banned" episode: Man's Best Friend "Ren aбовжу& Stimpy: In The Beginning" Featurette Audio Commentary on six episodes by the original Spumco team Storyboard and Spumco image gallery Sven Hoek pencil test And more! Режиссеры Питер Аванзино Peter Avanzino Боб Кэмп Bob Camp Том Макграт Tom McGrath Актер Джон Крикфалуси (Ren Hoek (voice)) John Kricfalusi.